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Review: Tarot Deck of Heroes-re-post from Attune Magazine

Tarot Deck of Heroes
Richard ShadowFox
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4024-6

“Tarot Deck of Heroes”

This 78-card Tarot deck, featuring the dreamy men like those of romance novel covers.   Deck of Heroes follows a traditional method of symbolism in a non-traditional setting.

Tarot Deck of Heroes is a 78 card Rider Waite Clone. This digital art deck is full of romantic images. Each of these cards has a story to tell and I found myself transported by each image. I really like seeing so much movement in each card; it’s like reading a story one card at a time.  I’m very much taken with the style-even though normally I’m not drawn to digital art; this deck has captivated my imagination!

I loved reading the companion book and felt as if Richard ShadowFox were speaking directly to me, offering wisdom and advice on tarot reading.  There was a dreamy spell being cast, an intimate conversation taking place-a feeling that something has shifted and you’re about to go somewhere exciting and new.  

This deck is in a sturdy box with a magnetic lid and comes with the companion book.  There are three spreads to try and detailed information on how to get the most from the spreads.  The descriptions of each card are given for upright and reversed positions. 
This deck is suitable for readers of all levels and will definitely appeal to those who like a romantic touch with their tarot.  There is a handsome man on each card for those who like a little eye candy.  I’m happy to get to know this deck and can see myself using it for readings for myself and others. Perfect for relationship readings!

All in all, a well done deck with a great companion book. The images are very tasteful; I recommend this to anyone who likes the Rider Waite system and wants to put a little romance in their life.  
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Tarot of the Night   is a future deck that’s in the works for Richard ShadowFox.  With his style and imagination it’s sure to be another fantastic deck!
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