Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Tarot Dynamics Unleashed - The FUNdamental Way to Learn and Read the Tarot

Anna Burroughs Cook
Publisher: Kima Global Publishers
ISBN-10: 1920533079
ISBN-13: 978-1920533076

An Easy Guide for ANY Tarot Deck.

Based in Ohio in the U.S.A., Anna has been teaching the tarot for more than thirty years and has become an expert at what can become a very complex subject. She has many loyal clients over a spread of many states.

From Publisher:
Using the same “reader-friendly” tone Tarot Dynamics Unleashed enables your Tarot Cards to take your intuition even farther!
Although your old favorites such as our:
Do’s and Don’ts
Five basic keywords accompanied by definitions that apply to today’s situations!
Basic Tarot Spread information that enables you to conduct accurate Tarot readings even from decks that contain more symbols than pictures!
Formatting that enables you to use the 78 card Tarot card deck of YOUR choice!
Are all still here, their additional detail makes them more exciting and important than ever, and they’re traveling with a great deal of new and exciting information that includes:
• Why you should and how you can easily improve the accuracy of your readings with Numerology.
• A section that quickly; clearly and finally reveal the first true “missing-link” between Tarot and Astrology!
• An explanation for the significance of “Fallen Cards” and how to read them!
• Best of all, each Numerological and Astrological “how-to” will quickly expand your understanding of the Tarot Tarot-without creating unnecessary confusion.
All in all, “Tarot Dynamics Unleashed” makes it just as easy for the beginner to learn the Tarot as it is for intermediate Tarot student to develop a better understanding of the Tarot, while more adept readers, will find it easier than ever to blend the old with the

Anna has done a fantastic job of expanding on her first book and showing us how to read Tarot with examples throughout the 282 pages.  The illustrations are black and white images of The Rider Waite Smith deck: placed on the pages so you can put your own card in the space.  Each card of the 78 cards has a two page description that includes in depth situations:  Encouraging, Challenging and At Your Best.  You will also find definitions for reversed cards (“under pressure”). 
Tarot Dynamics Unleashed reveals how we can connect Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to add amazing details to your readings.  If you’re new to any of these topics, Anna has explained them in a simple to understand way with organized chapters that will guide you.   Tarot Dynamics and The Moon in Astrology (chapter 10) will open up many new concepts for both new and seasoned readers.

If you’re serious about learning Tarot, this is the book for you! 


  1. Mary -

    Great review! Anna's book is just fantastic! :)