Friday, May 25, 2012

Vincit Omnia Veritas Spread

Submitted by Richard ShadowFox!

Vincit Omnia Veritas Spread This is an entirely original spread that I created, and the name translates to Truth Conquers All. Its purpose is to foster honesty in evaluating the situation, but more importantly in oneself. There is not an applied question for this reading, so just clear your mind. Separate the cards by the four suits including the Court cards, and leave the Major Arcana in a separate pile. Shuffle each of the five stacks of cards. When placing the cards in their positions do so face down without looking at them. I will explain further in Doing A Reading, and here I will describe the positions and refer you to the diagram.

                1st Position – This represents your thoughts or conscious awareness so draw a card from the Sword pile and place it here.
                2nd Position – Pull a card from the Wands stack and place it here, as this your passion, drive, or desire.
                3rd Position – In this position place a card from your stack of Pentacles, and this will represent the material aspect of your life.
                4th Position – From your pile of Cups draw a card and place it in this position to describe the way you feel, as in emotions, perhaps love.
                5th Position - This is a bridge, so place a card from your Major Arcana stack.
                6th Position - This is a bridge, so place a card from your Major Arcana stack.
                7th Position - This is a bridge, so place a card from your Major Arcana stack.
                8th Position - This is a bridge, so place a card from your Major Arcana stack.
                At this point put all five piles together and thoroughly shuffle all the remaining cards from the deck. Now place cards from all of the remaining in the following positions.
                9th Position – Place a card here from the remaining cards as your emotions connecter.
                10th Position - Place a card here from the remaining cards as your thought connecter.
                11th Position - Place a card here from the remaining cards as your passion connecter.
                12th Position - Place a card here from the remaining cards as your material connecter.
                13th Position – This is your present state or destination as the four elements converge.

Vincit Omnia Veritas Spread

Within this text I have made numerous references to perceptions and expectations, and I believe they are the true indicator of who we are, which subsequently leads to where we are in our lives. Each of us actually carries around three distinct perceptions, which encompasses ourselves and the others we interact with.
First there is how we see ourselves as a person, and second there is how we want others see us. We have a propensity to create a projected image of ourselves that keeps certain aspects somewhat secret within the thoughts of our mind, at the very least, and this projection differs from what we actually understand about ourselves. This is not to say that we all have a secret dark side, but actually just aspects of our personalities we don’t intentionally reveal. The third perception belongs exclusively to others, and consists of how they actually do perceive you. This is a blend of the first two and also includes elements from their own personality based on what experiences they have had in their lives.
A person only has control over the third perception by fully understanding the first two and why they are different. It stands to reason that most of us want others to think well of us, and in that regard the second perception, the projected one, may represent an ideal, and this would infer intent to become the projected image. Of course this depends on whether a person has a hidden agenda, and is attempting to influence a person toward a decision they would not normally make.
I designed this Tarot spread for the purpose of self-evaluation and you should not choose a significator for yourself when using it, as it is highly likely, if not a certainty, that it will reflect the projected image of oneself. There also is no need for a question because it is standardized to who am right now. It is slightly complex, but the greatest difficulty lies in your ability to be honest with yourself.
After having separated the deck into five individual piles, the four complete suites and the Major Arcana, shuffle each pile thoroughly. Now place the thirteen cards face down in their respective places as described in the diagram. Remember to follow the steps I described to make sure the cards in each position are drawn from the correct grouping of cards. Turn the cards face up, left to right or right to left to maintain reversal integrity, in the same order they were placed into the spread.

1.       Looking at the card in the First Position you will see one of the fourteen possible Swords. This is the position of conscious thought and intent, and reflects the flow of your thoughts. It describes where you think you are now based on where you have been and where you think you are going, with the latter defining intent.

2.       In the Second Position there will be a Wand which will represent someone or something of passion or that you feel strongly about. It is important to stay focused in the moment, and although this card can represent a lifelong dream it might not be what you feel the strongest about right now.

3.       The Third Position is money and the material as represented by the suit of Pentacles. This does not describe what you project about your current financial situation, but how it situation, but how it actually how it has evolved up until now, and how you expect it to be in the future.

4.       A card from the suit of Cups will represent your feelings and emotions in the Fourth Position here. Different than desire or thoughts, emotions are often reactions to situations that occur, and this can also describe love, where just the presence of someone can generate a feeling. When you encounter someone or something that you desire or have been thinking about, you will experience emotions that signify its presence.

5.       The Fifth Position is a bridge between your thoughts and emotions and is described by a card from the Major Arcana. This can flow in either direction and the complexity of interpreting the card here is removed by being honest with yourself. What do you feel that makes you think this way, or what you are thinking that makes you feel a certain way?

6.       Another Major Arcana card will make the bridge between thoughts and passions, and is found in the Sixth Position. The connection between how your passions drive your thoughts or intentions, or how what you think sparks your strongest desire, is what will be revealed by the card that appears in this position.

7.       In the Seventh Position is how passionate you are about material things, or the inverse, to what degree your material or financial state drives your passions and desires. This bridge, indicated by a card from the Major Arcana, describes how what you have affects what you strongly want to do, or how strongly you are driven towards the material.

8.       The relationship between your feelings and the material is depicted in this bridge represented by a Major Arcana card in the Eighth Position. Obviously, this is how you feel about money and what it can provide, or how material things affect your emotions. One way to view this bridge is to consider the elements of comfort and security.

9.       Connecting you and your emotions is the Ninth Position, and this card placed from all of the remaining cards in the deck, flows toward your current state, or destiny in the center of the spread. This card represents how who or what you care about or love affects who you are in your life right now.

10.   Your thoughts are connected to your current state or destiny via the Tenth Position card, and the flow is inward toward you in the center of the spread. What you think about, and how you think about it, represents who you are since they play, or should play a strong role in your decision-making.

11.   How your passions define you in your current state is Eleventh Position connector, and this drives you to be who you are right now. Flowing toward the center card that represents your current state or destiny, this position is what might be described as someone or something you live for, now are in the future.

12.   Found in the Twelfth Position is the way money and material things connect to how your life is now, or to your destiny. Once again the connectors like this one flow toward the center of the spread. It can reflect practical thinking in your current situation, or how you are building future financial security. It could also describe how you are not doing well on matters of money and the material.

13.   The Thirteenth Position is you in your current state with all the elements combined. As I mentioned, this may also represent your destiny, and determining whether it represents now, or a time in the future, is actually the best way to figure out what is between where you are now, and where you want to be in your life.

                The more you work with this spread the better you should understand yourself, and the obstacles that stand in your way, well, at least that is my intended goal. You will notice when reading with the Vincit Omnia Veritas spread that both the bridges and connectors will often simultaneously work in both directions.  What you should come to be cognizant of are the things you know but don’t think about, and why you think about the things you do not know about.

                The Vincit Omnia Veritas spread is not designed to answer questions about love and money, there are plenty of other spreads that will serve those purposes, but instead it should help you get more out of the other spreads by generating self-evaluation. The truth of who you are is the only place you can start. If you don’t know why you ask a question you will have a difficult time recognizing and understanding the answers you receive. Seek the truth in yourself, through honest evaluation, and you will conquer the obstacles that stand in your way and realize your destiny.


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