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Review: Inspirations for Survivors Deck

Inspirations for Survivors
Release Date: Aug. 28, 2012
44 Art Cards
Size: 3 1/4" x 5 1/4"
By: Author: Russel. J Moon & Artist: Aunia Kahn
Published By: Schiffer Publishing
Description from Website:
In this life, we are all survivors on some level. When people declare themselves "survivors," it simply means that they have made it to the other side of a difficult and courageous time in their lives and may need continued encouragement to keep moving forward. Survivors can rise from family relationships and situations, health concerns (some life and death), war, violence, loss, mystical experiences, or even getting through just one day. To assist with these varied issues, Inspirations for Survivors comes to you with a full-color art deck of 44 inspirational cards. Using positive messages and beautiful imagery to encourage growth, healing, and new constructive thought patterns as a survivor, you will be drawn into a world of "can do." Gain valuable insights into all aspects of life on a journey to manifest your destiny and to keep an optimistic outlook on life. This inspirational deck can be used as a clarifier of a particular issue, a meditation tool, or as an oracle to help the survivor to move on.

It’s true, we are all survivors and we must all find our way through difficult challenges.  The images in this deck will soothe a weary soul and hopefully provide some level of comfort. The “message” is located on the front of each card and there is a more detailed description of each card in the companion book.  The 96 page companion book has a color image of each card on one page and the more detailed explanation on the opposite page.  There are no numbers assigned to these cards and I like that, there’s nothing to distract you from the image and the message. There were several images that gave me an “echo” of Tarot and I liked that too!  The box is sturdy with a magnetic lid with Aunia Kahn’s art on the front.  I love these boxes from Schiffer because they can handle being tossed in a purse or bag without falling apart. 

This extremely versatile deck of 44 cards is very pleasing to the eye and extremely “user friendly”. Inspirations for Survivors has a calm, relaxed feel to it that will appeal to many readers. The art is photography combined with other techniques that add depth and dimension.  I would describe it as looking at memories or whispering and even possibly dreaming. I also see a lot of courage depicted in the images.  The powerful images are perfect for any type client and Oracle Deck collectors will enjoy having this too. The art of Aunia Kahn combined with the writing of Russel J. Moon spoke to me on a subtle level that I enjoyed.  Each thought provoking image and positive message provides inspiration for difficult times. 
 There are three ways to use this deck detailed in the companion book:
  • For insight concerning a challenge you’re facing. 
  • As a daily card used for inspiration throughout the day.
  • As an Oracle using a Past, Present, Future spread. 

I pulled one card at the end of the reading to give a client a positive message to take with them.    I’m thinking of specific clients that would benefit from the images and messages of this deck:  A cancer survivor comes to mind first, a divorcee, someone who’s lost a loved one and of course anyone who’s gone through a challenging time in their life.  This would also make a beautiful gift for someone in one of these situations.  There are many possibilities with this Oracle Deck., it’s definitely one I would categorize as a “Healing” deck.
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