Friday, October 26, 2012

There’s still time to register for the Crossing the Veil Journey on Sat. Oct. 27th @ Noon EST.

The Veil is thinning!  Join us and connect with the Spirit World!

Who would you like to connect with?  A famous person?  An Ascended Master? Your Angels?  Perhaps you want to connect with a loved one who’s passed?

“Through journeying, we may find that our normal world is not the most “real” world we can experience. The alternative realms of Spirit, of our visions and dreams, also can be real, accessible, and tangible.  Spirit travel can open the door to awareness that there are other realities, other worlds.  These other worlds are sources of the energy, creativity, passion and love that power the everyday world we know.  Finding our way there can be a blessing that brings us wisdom and self-empowerment in a positive, healing way.”

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