Monday, November 19, 2012

Do you LOVE Tarot?

Getting Excited about Readers Studio?
Do you LOVE Tarot?
Want to meet some of the coolest EVER Tarot Personalities?
Want to learn new skills and gain confidence?
Readers Studio 2013

April 26 – 28, 2013
LaGuardia Marriott Hotel, New York
Coming in December!

On The Tarot Today Show we will be talking with Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone AND the three Master Class presenters of the 2013 Readers Studio!

We want to hear your questions!

This very special show is your opportunity to call in and ask any questions you may have about Readers Studio.

Or you can send your questions ahead!

I would also like to encourage anyone who’s been to Readers Studio to comment on their experience so others can get a feel of what this wonderful event is like.

What is Readers Studio?

Readers Studio is a magical place, a rich and multi-layered community that comes together each year for three intense and enchanted days of sharing, passionate teaching and learning, socializing and all things Tarot.

It’s where even accomplished Tarot luminaries come to drink from a deep river of Tarot wisdom.

You'll experience a warm, heartfelt welcome and acceptance because here you are understood. You are accepted into a community of people like you, who value and appreciate the beauty, mystery and wisdom that is Tarot.

Whether you are a veteran practitioner or just past getting your feet wet, you are home.

Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School created The Readers Studio in 2003 as a way to express their love of Tarot, and their love for the people who love Tarot! They bring cutting-edge, practical techniques to the Tarot community.

Readers Studio is THE place to expand your Tarot horizons and deepen your knowledge as you participate in instructional intensives with top-drawer Tarot masters and study groups with rising Tarot stars. You will stretch your mind by learning practical, cutting-edge techniques that you can take away with you and use immediately.

Who will be conducting the Master Classes this year?

World-Class Tarot instructors

Nancy Antenucci

Major Tom Schick
Ferol Humphrey!

There are too many goodies to mention here!
Visit the website for ALL the information and to reserve your place:

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