Friday, November 9, 2012

Kim O'Neill on The Angels Monday Show!

As a psychic channel, Kim demystifies the spirit world by teaching how angelic messages can be incorporated into practical, more productive day-to-day decision making through her private sessions, writing, national workshops, online classes, and public speaking.
Kim has appeared on over 100 radio stations and television programs including Fox News, Great Day Houston, Good Morning Houston, Channel 13 Eyewitness News, Channel 2 News, Channel 11 News, Fox's "City Under Siege", the Leeza Gibbons Show, and she has been interviewed in numerous magazines and newspapers including the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press.
She also writes "Ask Kim," a monthly advice column for the Indigo Sun Magazine, and produces a webisode called "Connecting You With Spirit," in which she answers personal questions for callers from around the world.

Her popular first book, How to Talk With Your Angels, has helped thousands of people around the world learn how to build the ability to communicate with their angels.
Her second book, Discover Your Spiritual Destiny, reveals her insights gained as a professional channel about destiny and how it dramatically impacts quality of life.
Her third book, Bond With Your Baby Before Birth, shares the spiritual connecting that takes place between mother and child before physical birth takes place.
...and her fourth book, The Calling: My Journey With the Angels is a memoir, in which Kim recalls, with extraordinary candor and humor, how she left her career as a corporate executive to embark on her life's work as a psychic channel, teacher, and author.

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