Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Resonance Oracle Cards

Resonance Oracle Cards
Dara Caplan
Schiffer Publishing

Find answers for all your deepest questions including the emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance allowing you to find your own path of joy, peace, balance, and wisdom. Messages also embrace nuances of physical reality, such as technology and lines of communication. Author/artist Dara Caplan channeled the messages and art, and includes the power of intent in order to give you the best experience possible. The images and meanings do not discriminate between gender or type; the animals, magical beings, people, and plants of this world are all honored as special beings in the artwork. The 40 beautiful images reflect life's truths – there are some cards that are surreal and dream-like, and some that are romantic or dramatic. While each is different, they all are on black backgrounds, and have warmth and light to balance the shadows – the warmth of memories, or soft light of new beginnings. Through this magical oracle, find your own path that resonates deep inside you.

The Resonance Oracle Cards is a deck of 40 deeply moving images that can be used in a spread or by pulling a card after shuffling.  There are very special messages for each person using these cards and I think this is the perfect deck to add something extra to any type of reading that you may be doing.  According to Dara, there are no wrong answers here. “The law of attraction insures that any card that appears is the correct response to the issue at hand.”

There is not any color contrast to jump out at you in this deck; they are dark colored images with dark colored borders.  I like the atmosphere that each card creates but if you are someone who has failing eyesight you will need a well lighted room to be able to appreciate the beauty of each image. The art makes me feel like…when you see something in dream time or when you channel a vision. 

The Guidebook offers a description of each card, a black and white image and Alternate meanings.  The guidebook makes this deck great for the beginner or the expert by offering possibilities.

After clearing the deck and shuffling I asked if there was a special message for me today. 
 Birth and Rebirth

From the Guidebook:
The origin of us all, the Earth Mother’s womb, water-the source of life. This is a time of new beginnings and renewal.  You might have been slowly working away at preparing for a new project.  If this is so, that work and growth is about to pay off.  Your progress is about to come to fruition and reveal itself.  This might be material, or it might be a new state of being like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.  Either way, it is all for the better.

Alternate meanings:
*The egg you have been sitting on is about to hatch!
*You’ve been slowly growing and preparing and not things are about to shift into the new. This might be big, or it may be subtle; either way, it’s for your highest good.

Here are a few more images:

 I love this oracle deck!  I know it will add deeper meaning to tarot readings and will make a wonderful tool for meditation or daily card rituals.

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