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3 Card Reading Using the Star Road Map

3 Card Reading Using the Star Road Map
Divination Beyond Time & Space
Schiffer Publishing Patricia Padilla & Marlena Freelove

Day 16
Overcome:  Energy: Serious, deep, wise.
Day Name:  CIB (keeb)
Symbol:  Owl/vulture, death-birds of night and say, wax soul, insect, strong-willed, sensitive, what is real and what is not.
Challenge:  Overcome self-consciousness, insecurities, and issues of self-worth.
Solution:  Get to work; create excellence in chosen field or endeavor.


9 Overworld

Key:  Perseverance, completion, patience.
Traits:  Ability to see the “big picture”, letting go, and completion.
Energy:  Budding, forward movement, new life.
Maya Number:  BOLON 9
Ruling God: Quetzalcoatl—Aztec god of light.

Positive Aspects:  The appearance of this card indicates a thrust toward successful completion to a recent effort. It can be an indicator card that the endeavor, relationship or issue in question is a righteous consideration.   Consider it a green light for intensified focus and progress.

Negative Aspect:  This card in a negative position could indicate a great impatience of the part of the seeker and a warning to step back and take a ling hard look at the endeavor.

Power:  Adaptability
Energy: Survival
Challenge:  Emotional entanglements.
Definition:  North dominates during the winter, in the northern hemisphere as the sun is pushed south.  The energies are separation, sacrifice, and manifestation.  The associated day is Muluc (water); the associated color is white.

The running theme of my thoughts for quite some time has been very simply trying to find my way - to balance making money with doing something worthwhile.  I’ve been searching for a new job and have had no luck-which is strange because I’ve never encountered this problem in the past. When I shuffled the cards of this mysterious deck I simply asked to be guided and to take into consideration the events of the past two days.
Astonishment is what I experienced as I looked at the cards and consulted the book for meaning. 
The first card I pulled was Overcome.  I looked at the image and immediately thought that it’s been a long hard climb uphill but, I’m now able to see where I’ve been. Notice the rainbow in this image.  This tells me that there are better things waiting for me.

The second:  PatienceThe appearance of this card indicates a thrust toward successful completion to a recent effort. It can be an indicator card that the endeavor, relationship or issue in question is a righteous consideration.   Consider it a green light for intensified focus and progress. This one just about knocked me out of my chair!  I just completed a meeting tonight that could very well be THE “endeavor” that this card is indicating. 

The third card:  North...and I didn’t know what to make of that one until I read about the Four Directions in the book.  Once again, the astounded look was on my face...and goose bumps on my arms.  Paying special attention to the energies, separation, sacrifice and manifestation I realized that the “new endeavor” would make it necessary to give up some of the things that I’ve been doing.  And of course, the challenge here is “emotional entanglement”.  Take note also that it is winter and that’s when the NORTH dominates.

Having only used these cards for one very small reading I’m left with the impression that there’s so much MORE to this deck than I had initially thought.  I look forward to working with it and exploring other types of readings.  The deck and book set is a wealth of information on the Mayan culture and provides an extensive bibliography for those who wish to explore even more.  

I can think of several people that I will indeed email about this deck and I know they will also see the intensity and wisdom that can be gained by getting to know these cards.  I’ve just learned something very valuable today and it’s so basic that I can’t believe I needed a reminder.  The images on initial view didn’t seem appealing to me and I wondered if a book so detailed would be too much for me to take in – I’m so glad I decided to just pick up the cards and shuffle them!  This is one of those decks that I think you should just lay out three cards and see where it takes you. 

A word on the card backs...on first glance I thought of a Mandela, and then I noticed the humming birds.  Is it a coincidence that I received a card in the mail today with the image of humming bird on the front?  Interesting stuff to consider-especially since there was a check in the card and my thoughts are so focused on bringing money into my life.  Another interesting thought is that I’ve been looking at The Lenormand and have become increasingly interested in working with that system.  Today (my day off) was to be the day that I really “got into” figuring The Lenormand out...I kept picking it up and then putting it down again and in general experiencing that feeling that I should be doing something else.  My eye eventually rested on The Star Road Map and I heard myself saying “okay, you first”.  Oddly, I became engrossed and time flew by!  Now to me, that’s a sign that a deck is pretty powerful and that it has something it wants to tell you!
I plan to do an “Official Interview” with this mystery deck; I can’t wait to see what it wants me to know...all those special little details!  It’s not every deck that I feel a connection like this to and it’s for sure going to support hours of learning to me!

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