Saturday, January 12, 2013

Creating Your Own Oracle Deck...

Hand made Oracle Decks can be a very powerful tool because they are infused with your essence, your dreams and your energy. Knowing what you're going to include in your oracle deck is the first step. You should take a few days to write down your ideas and possibly draw a few sketches. Write down everything that crosses your mind, or has special meaning for you. Do you have any special symbols that are connected to your intuition?

                                                      Think About:

What materials will you use?

How will you present the ideas?

What’s important to you and your spiritual growth?

Do you feel connected to: the elements, the planets, plants, stones, deities, ideas, philosophies, myths?

What words/images have special meaning for you?

What pictures, shapes, symbols, and colors do you like?

What size cards are comfortable for you to handle?

How much work do you want to put into your oracle deck?

Will this be a deck you use only for yourself?


How will you organize your cards?

Will you use a number system or group cards by themes?

Construction and Dedication

Cardstock has come a long way over the years and you can find just about anything that suits you at the local craft store. I’ve even seen precut sizes that would work for building a deck. Cardboard and index cards might also work. You can decorate your cards with construction paper, stickers, cut outs or drawings –maybe your cards only have words written on them. There’s really no “right way” to create your cards and it should be as unique as you. Cut out, paint, and decorate, whatever you enjoy— as you start creating the cards take notice of how they interact and how they look with each other. Start grouping cards together, layering them...yes, play around so you’ll notice if anything needs tweaking. Think about your intention while creating the cards. Infuse each card with the insight you wish to gain from the Universe. Take as long as you want; make the cards exactly what you want them to be.

The last step of your deck construction will be to put your cards all together and to dedicate them. You can create your own ritual for this or look for one online. Infuse the deck with will and purpose to be an Oracle for YOU. Cleanse your new oracle deck, replacing old energies with new vibrancy. This is a piece of yourself made external and you must decide exactly what purpose your deck is to serve.

Getting to Know Your Deck

Test your oracle cards on yourself first; take notes of your interpretations, thoughts and feelings associated with each card. Once you and your new deck understand each other you can test it on other people. Understanding what the cards are trying to tell you can be a spiritual or even a healing may also like to dedicate a special journal for this purpose.

Storing Your Hand Made Cards:

Why not create a special place for your cards to “live”? This could be anything from a hand sewn bag to a decorated box. Even a very pretty ribbon tied around your deck can signify protection and keep your deck nice and neat between uses. Use your imagination and create a special place that equals how special your deck is to you.

If you really like the deck you’ve created you may choose to laminate the cards or you could duplicate them on a website that lets you create custom playing cards. This may also lead you to “self publishing” your own deck! You never know until you give it a try...

If you have created your own Oracle Deck and would like to share your process and the outcome I welcome you to contact me: Attune Magazine is always looking for ways to inspire!


  1. I think that I will do just this with my Zentangles. Folks keep asking me to. :D