Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Please Enjoy the January 2013 Edition of Attune Magazine!

This edition is the biggest by far and it’s full of interesting ideas about The Lovers Card in Tarot!  Deck creators from all over the world have shared their images and their views of the card that represents the year 2013.  The cover image was supplied by Salerie’s Artwork and it conveys the 2013 theme brilliantly!  THANK YOU!

As you flip through the pages you will find out so much about these wonderful souls who send their articles to Attune Magazine!  Each one is gifted and talented and deserves recognition for the fantastic work they do.  Please visit their sites or see them on Face Book and let them know you saw their work in Attune Magazine!

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the January 2013 Edition of Attune Magazine, without you there wouldn’t be a magazine.

A very special thank you goes out to Pamela Steele and Roxi Simm for allowing me to post in the Tarot Deck Creators Group on Face Book.  This fantastic Group has provided the Lovers Card images and descriptions that you will see in this issue.  What a wonderful and giving group of creative souls!  I sincerely thank each and every one of you!

We have some new writers for this edition!
Please welcome Tidal Miller, Maria Maas, Brad Tesh and Carmen Waterman. There’s also a special cartoon from Bob Bailey!

To view the magazine in it’s digital, page turning format: 

For those who like to view the articles on an iPad I’ve created a blog just for you!  You can see all of the articles here:

January Contributors:
Cheryl Lynn Bradley,
Anita Perez,
Koneta Bailey,
Bob Bailey,
Maria Maas,
Carmen Waterman,
Ivy Lieberman,
Kooch Daniels,
Kelley Kolberg,
Lynda Stevens,
Jade Ashcroft,
Roxi Simm,
Jean Maurie,
Joanne Matthew,
Tidal Miller,
Brad Tesh,
Christiana Gaudet,
Jean Hamilton-Fford,
Judith Stirt,
Elizabeth Hazel,
Pamela Steele,
Robyn-Anne Pollard,
Miriam Jacobs,
Saleire Art
Alison Cross
Bill Black
Mary Nale

About Salerie…

I am a qualified healer, medium, inspirational artist and  ​
published writer, but most of all I try to be a qualified human being.
If you ask me what I would like to share with my readers, I will say,
the journey, because that is all there is; the continual search for the truth.
I hope you can join me on this path of discovery, through my artwork,
my tarot cards and two heart-felt books that will teach you how to heal and connect with the world of Spirit.  I have only two missions in life at the moment: to make my mum feel as happy and safe as possible (she has Alzheimer's disease) and to make every human being I meet along my path feel loved. One piece of advice on living a good life is this: forget the label society has given you - boss, engineer, teacher and be a human being first and foremost.

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