Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: A Guide to Tarot and Relationships

A Guide to Tarot and Relationships

By:  Andria K. Molina
Illustrated by: Delores Fitchie
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN-10: 0764342320

Use the Tarot to bring about and enhance all of your relationships! Conscious thought process can be reflected through the symbolism and the language of Tarot now, via your specialized card readings, you can identify key issues and helping aids to repair or improve your personal relationships. Enable patterns of constructive development into your psyche, find answers for love and self exploration, or discover time frames for events that affect your relationships. A Questions Statement is applied to each card to help you identify questions and to creatively form compelling answers. In addition to metaphorical meanings for each card, a general significance section is included for usage with other life issues. Modern-style illustrations by artist Delores Fitchie accompany the instructions.

Each of the 78 black and white illustrations of the cards has the following:
*Information about the planet, ruling sign, Chakras and the tarot card meaning.
*Metaphorical Meaning
*General Meaning

There are three illustrated example readings given at the beginning of the book.  The section “Tips of Working with the Tarot” includes: picking a deck, reading and preparing for a reading.  The section “Symbolism” covers general information on Chakras, Numerology and Elements.  Page 18 offers insight on how to use this book.

The Fool:

 Question Statement:  “What’s one thing that brings fear into your relationship?”

Affirmation:  “Self-awareness allows me to pay attention to the details of my emotions and behavior.”

Time Frame:  “1 Week, 22 Days, January 21 – February 18”

I love the information presented in this book and I feel it’s a wonderful tool for experienced and new tarot readers.  I definitely enjoyed the insight given for each card and the writing style is comfortable to me.  The images of the Gorgon Tarot are a nice addition to the black and white pages of the book.  The only two small things that I thought could have been better were the size of the text and the card image size-they could have been a little larger.  This may be a sign of my eye sight failing so; it’s not really an issue that most would be concerned about.  I would recommend A Guide to Tarot and Relationships to anyone who wants to interpret the cards when the question of love is on the table and to anyone who is interested in the dynamics of relationships.

This book was provided by Schiffer Publishing for review.

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