Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Tarot for Healing

Tarot for Healing: A Review
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press
ISBN-10: 1938257227
(Also available on Kindle)

Tarot for Healing will take you on a journey to health using the tarot. In these pages you'll find everything from first aid to in-depth healing using the magic of the Tarot Journey from the Fool all the way to the World.

Tarot for Healing is written for those who already know the basic meanings of tarot. The concept is to expand on traditional meanings and develop your own intuitive healing messages through meditation and through working with your “healing deck”.   This will take time and Kara emphasizes that it’s not a quick fix; your client will also need to be willing to do the healing work that it takes to gain the desired results.  I like that through learning about what your cards can tell you about healing others you will be healing yourself first.
I’m impressed with this book because it explores several levels of healing and encourages us to develop our own sense of what each card means in the healing context.  Kara Owl’s 20 years of experience shines through in the advice and personal insight she offers here. 
At all times Kara reminds us about ethical things and this is so important not only when using tarot but especially when doing healing work.   

The contents are laid out in a logical manner that takes you from choosing your deck to working on your tarot healing definitions. There is a short meditation given for the cards. The basic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional meaning is given as a starting point for each of the 78 cards.  There are eight spreads discussed in depth that Kara has modified for healing also there is a body reading illustrated on page 20.  There’s a lot of information about these spreads and how they can be used but in my opinion there should have been illustrations of each spread.

This is a great resource for anyone who is interested in using tarot to enhance their healing practices.   If you’re willing to make a commitment and take the time to go through the process outlined in Tarot for Healing you will learn much about yourself and how tarot can aid the process of identifying problems and relieving the problems.  This of course is not a substitute for a qualified professional if one is needed and Kara makes this very clear throughout the book.

Very well done!

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This book was provided for review by Jupiter Gardens Press.

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