Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads By: Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads
By: Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Illustrations by: Lisa Hunt

Arwen! What a fantastic idea to base spreads on Fairly Tale’s!

In this e book you will find 10 original spreads created by Arwen.  I love the way this e book is formatted.   Information is given on each spread and an image shows you how to lay out the cards.  Wonderful Fairy Tales have been chosen to create these spreads.
Now let’s talk about what makes Arwen’s Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads such a treasure!  Each one of these spreads will get to the heart of the matter and provide information - but it’s the way that Arwen knows how to go deep into the issue that makes her spreads so helpful and most importantly - healing.  The illustrations by Lisa Hunt are perfect... (Okay, I colored mine!)  This e book would be a great addition to your “tarot tool box”-tax deductible too if you have a business! 
So! Don’t miss out on this one!  It’s an opportunity to own one of Arwen’s creative masterpieces for less than $5.00!
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