Friday, April 26, 2013

Notes BEFORE the show?

Tomorrow’s show Exploring Past Lives with Amanda Goldston on Attune Magazine Radio will be something you’re not expecting!  An email question I sent to Amanda has turned out to spark something truly powerful for us all!

I Skyped with Amanda to go over the ideas for this show and 90 minutes later I was sitting here with pages of scribbled notes and a new mantra!  “Wow oh Wow!” I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this is-I don’t know how to explain how deeply the information resonated. I’m in awe of Amanda’s ability to put this all into a program that we can all have the opportunity to explore.
This is not the usual past life reading we’re used to...this is an epic adventure!
This show will probably run over one hour...there’s a ton of information here!
There will be a handout available

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