Monday, April 22, 2013

Two of Fire

Today’s card is The Two of Fire from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue.
This is a time of coming into your own.  The steps you’re taking to improve your career or business are on the right track.  As you move forward, courageous choices are necessary and will be rewarded.  Continue forging ahead and don’t be discouraged by temporary delays.  Also, don’t allow anyone to hinder your progress.

Consider working in partnership with those whose skills compliment your own.  Joint endeavors can help you achieve your goals.  Negotiations move smoothly at this time.

Excellent foresight. Hope for the future. Contracts and business agreements.  Great potential.  Controlled progress.

Two men walking through what looks like a dragons nest?  The men hold wands that look to be magical.  In the background you can make out a full moon.  There’s a lot of lush vegetation in this card also.  The “action” seems to be that the men are moving forward-together. 

This is not such a bad card to have on Monday morning!  I am given hope of things looking “up” in the business area.

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