Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Tarot, Rituals & You

The Power Of Tarot Combined With The Power of Ritual
Bonnie Cehovet
Schiffer Publishing

Through ritual, we celebrate the significant moments in our lives the passing of the seasons, birth/death, promotions, business opportunities... We mark them all with ritual so that they serve as a memory of what is and what can be. Small daily rituals that morning cup of coffee, the table set just so, time spent in the backyard in the evening, or even making out the grocery list all help us to stay grounded, centered, and on our path. The Tarot is meant for ritual, with its archetypal energy and beautiful imagery. Find here how to "enter" a Tarot card, record impressions, understand specific symbols, manage your dreamtime, utilize meditations and affirmations, and make quality decisions. Through combining ritual tools of empowerment, we strengthen who we are as individuals. What better way to maintain the courage to walk an individual path!

There is so much information packed into this book!  Everything from deck clearing to working with Archetypes can be found here making it a valuable resource and reference for tarot readers of all levels.  This book also gives us a rare glimpse into how Bonnie conducts a reading and uses ritual every day.

There are ten chapters and nine appendixes.
  1. Ritual Defined
  2. Ritual and the Cards
  3. Ritual in a Reading
  4. Tarot, Ritual, and Personal Growth
  5. Tarot, Ritual, and Spiritual Growth
  6. Honoring the Moon Cycles through Tarot
  7. Tarot, Ritual, and the Seasons
  8. Entering the Cards
  9. Ritual and the Archetypes
  10. Tarot and Ritual in Daily Life
  1. Color Associations
  2. Crystal Associations
  3. Days of the Week
  4. Flower Associations
  5. Number Associations
  6. Dream Symbols
  7. Tarot and Wellness
  8. Tarot and Decision Making
  9. Tarot and Your Shadows

For those interested in Birth Card Pairs, Overall Year Cards, Personal Year Cards and Personal Month Cards this information is covered in an easy to understand manner. 
One of my most favorite finds in this book is the extensive coverage of Shadow Work.  I’ve been interested in Shadow Work for quite some time and Tarot, Rituals & You covers not only how to work with this for your own personal journey, it also gives great detail on how to address Shadows in a tarot reading.  Each of the Major Arcana has been given Shadow aspects as well as a guide for working on each aspect. 

The chapter: Honoring the Moon Cycles through Ritual covers Moon related rituals in very good detail.  I learned a lot from this chapter! 

What I like most about this book is that it covers a lot of information thoroughly and in a very easy to understand way. I think (sadly) there are still those individuals who consider the word “ritual” to have some “dark meaning”.  Bonnie has clearly shown us what ritual can add to our lives and she has made it accessible to everyone.  The ideas presented here are very worth incorporating into your daily life and your tarot reading practice.   

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