Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank You!

Just when I thought I was at the end...with no idea how to keep things going a few wonderful people swooped in and helped me.  I’m overwhelmed, humbled and so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and supporters.
Donations came in and advertising commitments were made from all over the world!  There’s also the very real fact that the energy has now changed and I’m flooded with a feeling of hope, light and a new determination.
I would like to thank Bonnie Cehovet for her very candid and sincere blog post – she said it and she said it well.  And yes! The positive energy sent by so many wonderful people is helping too! 

Each person that donated will be receiving a thank you email from me this weekend and I’m also working on a small gift idea to show my appreciation.  I have two children here who are artists and it’s high time they give back a little for all that I’ve done for them so, I have them working on this project that I hope will serve as a token of my appreciation to all who donated and to all who are helping support Attune Magazine.

Thank you all for your wonderful kindness, your love and support!
Mary Nale

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  1. Mary -

    Thank you for posting the link to my mini-rant! ;-) Thanks and blessings to all in the Tarot community who have responded! Attun e Magazine and Attune Magazine Radio are gifts to the Tarot community, and tools to use to get our names, ideas, and products out there.

    LOL Mary, there are child labor laws! ;-)