Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Right Google Reader Replacement For Me ~

For those of you who heavily depend on Google Reader and still haven’t found a good replacement...
I've tried oh so many!  I was just about to give up-for real!  But! I tried one last combination and so far it’s been working well for me. 
Okay, here’s what I did... Is now the page that opens when I get used to be igoogle but I no longer feel like I need to cling to google! Yes, I’m upset with google -still!!!
When you get to know ighome you will see that you can set it up much the same as igoogle but it’s just not as advanced with the gadgets yet.  Don’t’ worry! You can create your own gadgets!  It’s easier than you may have thought!
Okay for the RSS part of things I have officially transferred my feeds to can check it out on Face Book by liking their page:

I've provided a screen shot of what my pc looks like when I get online each day.  The cool part of this is you can have many different tabs with ighome!  As you can see, I've totally customized the way my “Start Page” looks!

You won’t find InoReader on the gadgets list here so all you need to do is go to “gadgets” and select “create your own gadget”.  You will put the url of your InoReader in the box that says URL and submit.  Now you have placed your reader on the page!  I selected this over the ever popular Feedly for one very simple reason: Feedly is always running and sucking resources!  It drives me crazy when I try to shut down my Toshiba and I have to wait for Feedly to close!  This may not be a bug to you but, it is for me...

Hope this has helped you to find a replacement!

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