Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Inner Realms Tarot

Inner Realms Tarot
By: Saleire
Schiffer Publishing

ISBN-10: 0764343912

78 magical Tarot cards, marked with intuitive words on the artwork, will enhance your readings and have you quickly reaching out to claim your own inspiration. Meditate on the artwork to soothe the body, calm the mind, and bring insight as you receive answers for the questions you bring to the Tarot. A quick-and-easy companion book will help you learn to navigate the spiritual world for guidance in becoming an intuitive reader.

This 78 card tarot deck comes with a 128 page guide book that has intrigued me and captured my attention.  I first saw these images online and after receiving the deck I realized that although the online images are great, the actual cards are even more beautiful.  The introduction to the cards is like advice from a friend.  The card images are so fluid and dreamy that I find myself meditating without effort.  There are key words printed on the front of the cards and I really like this idea.  The guidebook has card descriptions for upright only as Saleire believes (as I do) that everything you need is in the upright card.  There are three spreads illustrated with information for interpreting the spread. Located in the back of the book are tables: “Other Meanings” –“Zodiac Signs”- “Pairing of Suits”-“Pairing of Aces” and “Pairing of Court Cards”

 I like that this deck is structured for gaining advice from the Spiritual World and the concept of turning your reading over to your Guides is fascinating.  I think on some level we all do this but I’m not sure I’ve ever really thought about it the way Saleire presents it to us.   Sal suggests meditating on each card and recording your first impressions-there’s a place for that in the guidebook.  I look forward to working with the Inner Realms Tarot and journaling new ideas. This deck is fresh and different!  Very well done!

 Major Arcana images:

Minor Arcana images:
As you can see, the Minor Arcana are done in a much simpler way yet; they are still very powerful images.

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  1. I am delighted you liked them, Mary, thank you so much for this lovely review. By the way, I love your blog here..will be coming often to catch up on all the news :o) I totally agree with you about Karyn's deck, it's absolutely beautiful and her artwork is inspiring to say the least. Big hug, Sal

    1. Hi Sal!
      Thanks for checking out the blog! Can't wait to work with this deck! Love the images! :-)