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ISBN-10: 076434384X
Author/Artist: P.A. Minnell
Schiffer Publishing

This is a deck of 58 oracle cards that follow the traditions of New Zealand’s Maori.  The cards and book come in Schiffer’s trademark sturdy box with magnetic lid.   Also following Schiffer’s style, the cards are fairly large.  The first thing you will notice is that the cards have one prominent symbol, the word across the bottom.  The green background has layers of meaning. The Maori Oracle Deck was designed to help us reconnect with ancestors that have passed on.  The deck is meant to be a Sacred Object and there are instructions about how to care for it in the companion book.  Each card front has a Taonga image - which is considered to be a National Treasure – set against a background of green that is to represent or imitate the Pounamu (greenstone) which is New Zealand Jade.  The card faces also have a pattern that make up the border.  Each pattern has a specific meaning that is explained in the guide book.  There is great emphasis given to the idea that these cards are being used to work with your Ancestors and should be treated with the utmost respect.  There are ideas and rituals discussed as well as ways in which you can honor your deck.

The Maori Oracle is meant to do readings for yourself; P.A. Minnell explains that the guidance you receive is from your own ancestors.  After preparing for your reading the cards are to be cut into three stacks.  Each stack represents the three divine sources of knowledge.  The Maori call these “three baskets”.  You must order the three “baskets” (stacks) of cards as you select a card from each basket you need to remember which one you selected it from.  The First Basket is the knowledge of the physical world.
The Second Basket is the knowledge of ceremonies, customs, laws and what is right and just.  The Third Basket relates to knowledge that is concealed. There are three sample readings to guide you on how to use these cards.

What I have provided here is the briefest of overviews concerning the care and usage of the Maori Oracle Deck, there is so much more to this that I couldn't begin to contain it in a review.  (To better understand this deck and get a sense of the energetic feeling of The Maori tradition I performed a reading for myself which can be seen in a later post.)  What I came away from this review with is a sense that there are many ways to access the Sacred, Spirit and your Ancestors. I’m intrigued with New Zealand’s traditions and the guidebook has been an adventure in a culture that I find fascinating.  This deck has a mellow, warm energy to it and in my opinion would be suitable for anyone to work with.  The guidebook offers enough information for you to comfortably work with the cards, not to worry about the language being new, there are pronunciations for each of the cards in the book. 

I look forward to gaining insight from my ancestors in a way that’s different from anything that I've experienced so far.  There really is a “feeling” of Sacred Tradition with this deck so if you’re ready to explore communing with ancestors you should give this deck a try.   


A review for Schiffer Publishing

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