Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magical Times Empowerment Cards: A Card for Today

In order to get a better feel for Magical Times Empowerment Cards I am choosing a card for today-I have already followed the advice given in the first paragraph of the booklet and connected my energy with the energy of the cards.

My Single Card for Sunday July 21:

Following the directions in the book I fanned out the cards and chose the card that felt right-for me this is a slight tingle in my wrist.


This card’s image is a dragon and the first thing that came to mind was - this isn't a flashy dragon, this is a dragon that blends well with the surroundings and seems to have a sense of quiet power about it.  This dragon is not only sitting on top of the world, it’s also carrying the world in its hands.  I definitely got an echo of being in control of your own little world, the one you create.   I can also see this dragon as only being able to hold onto the things that really matter...

Drop the things that offend your soul.  Embrace your true self.  It’s your life; let no one live it for you.

From the booklet: Affirmation
I honor all that I am.  I am always completely myself and that is enough. Today I will honor myself and my personal integrity and rise up in its power.  I will embrace the greater part of me and live with sincerity and honor.  I will be honest with myself, live a life of truth and I will be free.

I wasn't planning to draw another card but it seems I was meant to see a card because as I was putting the cards back in the box I realized one card had been left on the table. 


Focus on the positive and more good will come.  Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply.  Prosperity begins in the mind.

From Booklet: Affirmation
Today I will focus on the good and happy moments in my life for this is true wealth.  I am a powerful person who believes in prosperity and happiness and health.  I will stay positive and prosper beyond my wildest dreams.  I give praise and thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma and published by U.S. Games.


U.S. Games

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