Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck

Written and Illustrated by Kim Dreyer
Published by U.S. Games

Oh what a lovely deck!  I’m intrigued by the idea behind this deck and I have been exploring possibilities! 

This luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer’s artistic vision and her passion for the natural and the supernatural elements we encounter on our soul paths. She has created Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck to help guide others to a deeper level of consciousness and a more harmonious life. The deck introduces chakras, angels, and spirit guides as it awakens the spirit and rekindles the connection between the cosmos and the earth. The guidebook contains insightful interpretations to help you discover the Divine Feminine wisdom each card carries.

Includes 44 cards and 44-page booklet.

The purpose of these cards is also to awaken you to the beautiful, unique human being that you are and to remind you that you have valuable gifts and lessons to share with al of humanity.

—Kim Dreyer, from the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck T

 Okay!  Chakras, Fairies, Angels, Elements...and so much more! 
My first impression of this deck was that each of the 44 cards is a Journey within a bigger Journey.  The card backs are full of interesting symbols too: The Seven Chakras, Phases of the Moon, Sacred Geometry, The Tree of Life and Angel Wings.  Look closer and you will see that the Chakras have ribbons of color that show you what area you’re working with.  For Example the Root Chakra Symbol’s ribbon of color flows downward into the Earth where you see tree roots.  I like this image and I feel it represents the deck perfectly.  The box is flip top and comes with 44 cards and a 44 page guidebook.  The image on the front of the box is card 24 Third Eye Chakra and the image on the back is card 18 Air Elemental. On the top of the card you will see the card number and the card name.  At the bottom you will see the interpretation.  When you look up your card in the guidebook you will see an expanded interpretation or what I would consider advice.  There are no images in the booklet.    

Kim Dreyer numbered these cards in the order that will take you on a Journey to finding your unique path.  She cautions that this isn’t a quick fix and the guidance they offer requires input and work.  “The cards were designed to gently and lovingly share their wisdom and the wisdom of the universe with you, allowing you to find your soul’s purpose and in so doing, raise the energy of earth and bring about healing, compassion, and love for all life.”

I can’t help but feel that this deck will speak to many who will be guided by the gentle energy and wisdom it holds.  The images are gentle on the eye, beautiful and layered in a unique way that I think most people will find intriguing.  Overall, I like this deck and I especially like the way the artist has shared her vision with us. 

I’m unable to pick a favorite card because each one seems to speak volumes and I like them all! 

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  1. Thank you kindly for a wonderful review. I hope my deck brings much love, joy, hope and light to many around the globe :) xxx

  2. You are very welcome!
    Lovely work you have done here!

  3. This deck does look beautiful Kim. I pray that many be uplifted by it. And may your evolution continue in increasing Beauty and Grace. You are very Precious♡ Thank you for you.