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Review Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Jody Bergsma
U.S. Games Systems Inc.
44 Cards & 28 Page Booklet
Watercolor Art Images

This exquisite deck presents 44 over-sized cards with inspirational images and affirmations. The deck is accompanied by an illustrated 28-page booklet, which provides gentle, yet powerful messages. Choose a single card for daily inspiration or use one of the multiple-card spreads to explore questions and visualize outcomes. Together, the Empowerment Cards and the insightful writings help you channel the magic all around you to achieve your greatest dreams.
44-card deck (card measure 3.5"x 5.25")

Note: I added the color to this will
be a black and white image.

The card images consist of native wildlife, fantasy creatures and geometric designs.
This deck comes in a sturdy box with a flip top lid.  (See the image below.) Magical Times Empowerment Cards will appeal to the very young through the very mature with its gentle images and clear meanings.  I also think this deck will appeal to anyone who wants to develop their intuition but for sure, this is a fantastic deck for those who want to make positive changes in their lives.  (A note for those who only work with Angel or Fairy Decks, you will love this one.)  These cards are large enough to enjoy all of the details and layers of meaning.  The true “magic” of this deck is the way the artist has combined beauty, gentleness and power into each and every card.

The Booklet:
I’m usually disappointed when I see a deck of this quality with only a black and white booklet, but to be fair here, all of the information you need is contained in the 28 pages.
Information included:

There is information right from the beginning that will help anyone who may not have an idea of how to “connect” the deck to their own personal energy.   The suggested way to use the cards:  Pull a card intuitively, read the front of the card which contains the name of the card and a description.  Look in the booklet for your card - each card is listed alphabetically (black and white), read the affirmation and write it down – carry your affirmation with your throughout the day.  This is explained as “replacing your old thought and action patterns”.  Cards can be read upright and reversed; an upright card indicates the meaning as it appears with a call to action, if reversed the card indicates an imbalance of energy.

There are three spreads listed in the booklet:

The Single Card Spread:  “What path should I choose?”
Three-Card Empowerment Spread: “How did I get here, what is happening?”
Five- Card Elemental Influences Spread: “Who are my allies? Who walks beside and within me?”

Powerful words and actions are combined with beautiful images in this deck.  I can see this deck becoming a favorite when working with energy blocks or as a way to remain “mindful” throughout the day.

I think this deck is very well done!  I encourage anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life to use this deck and say the affirmations with meaning.  You do not need to understand anything about the law of attraction to gain the benefits  of using the Magical Times Empowerment Cards...just draw your card, focus on the meaning and follow through with the affirmation until you feel you have shifted the energy and removed what may be blocking you. 

 Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma and published by U.S. Games.


U.S. Games

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