Monday, August 18, 2014

King of Swords: The Mary El Tarot

King of Swords
What is this card trying to tell me?  Over and over it keeps showing up, catching my eye and being turned over on the table.  I like to compare the images of several decks when this happens. The image that really speaks to me is TheMary El Tarot by Marie White:
This King leaves no doubt that he’s a warrior, he’s wise and he’s got a lot of experience being a leader. Notice all of those feathers coming from his head, this is wisdom expressed in a way that indicates an almost spiritual source.  He has a fierce dragon tattooed on his back, its yellow/gold and red.  We know these are the colors of action, passion, energy.  This King is pure energy. Look at his left hand, in it he holds an arrow and he’s clearly ready to take that shot.  Notice also the tiny words on this image.  Are these indicating psychic messages or knowledge gained through experience? I think these are all of this and so much more.  These are the words and thoughts of someone who understands the need to align thought and action.  The words of someone who has mastered the art of manifesting.

From Marie White’s companion book for the Mary El Tarot:
“This King is a warrior, a soldier.  He is hard, lean, weathered.  He has been marked with a gold dragon, gold rays of the sun. Gold is the color of our exaltation in Air.  This is something this king needed to live up to as he acquired pinprick after pinprick of golden ink, and now in his vast experience he has the ferocity and skill to wear his dragon proudly and with honor.”
“The rays of light coming out of his head, and the arrows and swords with which he conquers the world are ink tipped quills.”

From this image I see a person who is so ready, so able and who IS action.  Viewing this in the context of my seeing the card over and over again I would think this means a message that shows me the only way to get out of this terrible stagnant energy I've been experiencing is to TAKE ACTION.  It’s hard to know exactly what action to take but, as I've pondered this card, journeyed into its image to speak with this King of Swords I've been shown a few clues.  The first clue is the most obvious here, pen in hand, thoughts on paper. 

When you look at the Keywords in The Mary El Tarot companion book you see:
“Master the mind, control your thoughts, and hold the image and thought you want to manifest.  Support what you want in your life with words and actions rather than countering them with fear and doubt. Plan carefully, have a clear intent. Sharp focus.”

I don’t know that I would have given so much thought if this had been the Rider Waite image of the King of Swords.  For whatever reason, The Mary El Tarot speaks to me in a whole new language in times like this.  Until now I had never thought of the King of Swords as someone who has mastered the art of manifestation.  I had never imagined a King whose sharp wit and focus ran so much deeper than just a King on a throne with a sharp mind. Perhaps you've already discovered this secret with the King of Swords?  For me it’s a very important discovery indeed.  My mind races back over the past few months and I realize the opportunities that were missed, the chances that were not taken and the result is that nothing changed.  Given fresh information in a message from this King has shown me tools that I have already, lessons already learned and perhaps a new approach to old challenges.  What message does this King hold for you today?

This card image is from TheMary El Tarot
By Marie White
Published by Schiffer Books

You can order this deck HERE:

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