Sunday, July 26, 2015

The October digital edition of Attune Magazine is already in the works!

The theme is #Tarot!
*for this issue the topic is limited to Tarot related articles only

Exclusive Interview with James Wanless by Melinda Carver
Submissions for this edition are open NOW.  This is by far the largest and most viewed Attune Magazine of each year. 
Tarot is a topic near and dear to me and many of us-especially with so many wonderful new decks on the market.

Topics to Explore: 
Tarot reading techniques that you can share with the readers-both beginner and advanced
 How to choose a deck
 Images of decks (from the deck creators) with an article about the “journey of creating your own tarot deck”
The most sought after information…how to create a tarot deck-this can be the technical side or the conception process.
The History of Tarot
The Spiritual Side of Tarot
These are just a few ideas for possible content…

Attention Tarot Deck Creators
This is a great opportunity to show off your deck, your favorite cards in your deck or discuss a deck you have in progress.
HOT TOPIC-Opinions: What Makes a Tarot Deck a Tarot Deck?”
I would love to have you share your opinion about “What makes a tarot deck a tarot deck”: Is there something specific that makes a deck “Tarot” or can you assign as many cards, suits etc. to a deck and still call it tarot?  This is something that there seems to be a lot of controversy about and I know our readers would be interested in your opinion. 

Tarot of the Holy Light Volume 1 and the Tarot Deck:  please send your reviews for this deck and or the book-or both.  If you don’t have these in your collection you can see Tarot University for the details.
Tarot Deck and Book Reviews:

Text articles with images or Video Reviews are always welcome in Attune Magazine.  Please include all credits and images of the product.

Attune Magazine welcomes your articles, content, video, reviews etc… to be published on the website: and in our quarterly digital publication.

The next digital magazine publication will be available October 1, 2015.  The October quarterly digital magazine has a specific topic: Tarot

James Wanless is our Cover for the October Digital Magazine.
All other articles (content) are freely published on the website as guest posts etc…All content should have an author bio with a link to the author’s website.

How can Attune Magazine help you?  By writing articles for the website and the magazine you are establishing that you are an expert. At the end of your article is your short bio-and this, if done correctly can serve as your Call To Action.

Advertise with Attune Magazine in the Digital Magazine Editions.  Contact Mary Nale for more information about this.  

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