Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mystical Wisdom Cards for Dream Analysis?

Mystical Wisdom Cards for Dream Analysis?
by Gaye Guthrie (Author), Josephine Wall (Author, Illustrator)
U.S. Games Systems Inc.

I’m so taken with this deck that I decided to give it a try for dream analysis.  I’ve been in a cycle of dreams, dreams on top of dreams and recurring dreams for a few months now.  I drew four cards to shed some light…I removed the three angel cards from the deck before drawing the cards.
Below you will find the card images and the information provided in the guidebook.  All credit for the information goes to Gaye Guthrie, Josephine Wall  and U.S. Games Systems Inc.
As I look at each image I’m amazed at the layers of information you can use as cues for your intuition.  I’m impressed with the way this deck can clue into dream space.  I’m not sure the deck was created to be used this ways but it works!  You may be wondering why I removed the three angel cards before choosing four cards for the message...for me personally, the angel cards would only cloud my ability to intuit information.  It’s interesting to note here that during this particular dream cycle, I’ve been trying to work out what it is I want to DO next.  Stuck in a rut?  Maybe, but it’s bigger than this.  I’m finally feeling physically better than I have in a year-but I know I have to work at this daily with good choices.  Now, there’s a battle of weight that was gained over the past several years that cannot be ignored.  Our bodies are something we all take for granted.  When they break down there is always a reason.  Stress will kill you.  We hear it all of the time...but, we don’t really understand this until we are faced with an illness.

Enough about doom and gloom!  My dreams are simply showing me that I can move on, it is time.  But, I have to move in a new direction-a direction that excludes chaos.

Opportunity Knocks
Go For It!
New opportunities are coming your way, brilliant ideas, educational possibilities, new friends, expanding your potential and opening yourself to greater possibilities.  You are a good team player and have gained respect from your work colleagues and peers.  You have a good reason to feel proud of your achievements and attitudes towards yourself and others.  Embrace this new endeavor with this raw creative energy.  Go for it!  It is time to dazzle yourself and stretch your wings and fly.

Pursue Spiritual Growth
You have come into your own and are in search of something more meaningful to add to your life.  Now is the time to meditate, deliberate self-evaluate and withdraw voluntarily from the world to seek truth and solitude.
Reast and a quiet retreat away from the daily routine will allow you to consider enlightened decisions and go in the direction of the heart.  This may also be the time to seek advice and spiritual guidance from a mentor or experienced person.

Creative Wonderment
Follow Your Passion
You are able to bring fruition something within your imagination that you alone have thought of.  Being creative is relaxing and therapeutic whether it’s cooking, sewing, woodworking, photography, writing or art.  Whatever it may be that stimulates your imagination, this is the time for you to create and inspire others.  Utilize your skills.  Take classes and follow your passion.  You will one day have the opportunity to turn your heartfelt creativity into your life’s work.  Create Your labor of love!

Battle of the Blues
Take Steps Towards Positive Change
When you have sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy, you need to recognize this is a temporary situation.  Feelings of sadness and negative thoughts can immobilize you and only you can change this.  Perhaps it is a wake up call to get into action and make changes.  Take small steps and keep moving everyday to bring positive changes and self empowerment.  Exercise, study, socialize with like minded people, listen to music, and talk about your feelings with trusted friends and family.  Know that the magic of the universe and the angels are there to support and guide you.  Gather your courage and rise to meet your challenges.

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