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Wisdom from the Star Card

Wisdom from the Star Card

This post first appeared on Attune Magazine
Our world is in turmoil at this time so let’s ask The Star Tarot to give us some guidance and wisdom.
The Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism Paperback
by Cathy McClelland
Card 17 The Star
The Guiding Light/Universal Guidance
From the Guidebook
With the aftermath of ‘The Tower’ one will feel a little torn apart. The Star is the calm after the storm. It offers peace and rest. One’s life is cycling all the time. Your mind, body and emotions are always fluctuating and stretching, taking you to dark corners and then to the doorway of light. The Star Key is the “Guiding Light” that one seeks out at these times. You are now looking for a deeper meaning in life. You are searching for ‘your’ truth. You are looking for peace of mind.
The stars are ancient. They glow with universal wisdom, lessons, and answers. When you let the light fill your being, it shines out blessings and healing to you and the world around you.  You become a reflection of hope and inspiration.  Thus, so within, so without.
Meditate and quiet yourself.  Listen to what your heart speaks true and not what has been taught.  When you do this universal intelligence and Divine light flow through your heart and spirit.  Understanding and awareness will direct you to a peaceful relationship with yourself and everyone and everything around you.  You start feeling the magic sparkles of the stars inside you.  Healing begins. Remembrance of the star wisdom shines within.
The Star shines with focus, sparkles with imagination, glistens with understanding and penetrates the heart, mind and spirit with love and light. The Star heals us so that we can shine its light of inspiration, hope and confidence onto our world. It allows us to be stars in how we think, feel, love and understand ourselves. Wish upon a star. Let your destiny unfold and let the magic begin. We are all stars.

Symbolism in The Star Image

The Star Goddess steps into the sacred spring of truth and healing. The spring will cleanse her of any fears that hold her back from her true self. She is nude – she has nothing to hide. She is a sacred vessel with the light of the divine shining within and without. She meditates on the spiral in the sacred spring and all the possibilities (represented by the stars in the spring) that are before her. As her foot descends into the water, her left hand rests on a rock ledge, representing her understanding of her material world. Her right hand feels the waters of life and spirit, expressing her understanding of the precious balance between the two that makes life a magical experience.
The silver waterfall on her left represents the unconscious/intuitive. It separates into five streams (our five human senses) that flow into the spring. The golden waterfall on her right represents the conscious (one’s choice to expand the self). Both waterfalls flow from the heavens into the sacred spring of collective consciousness, blending the two into a perfect balance and the development of the sixth sense, one’s intuitiveness. The spirals in the spring represent the ever-flowing cycles in one’s life. The spring is also the pool of honest self -reflection, a spring of contemplation and meditation.
The ascending butterflies represent the chakras, transforming and opening up to the divine light of God/Creator.
The seven stars circling around the star goddess’ head create a halo, also representing the seven chakras, but now fully developed and open to receive the light of the divine star above.
The large star mandala is the star of truth. One truth. The star has eight points representing as ‘above so below’. It represents the guiding light, The Star of Bethlehem and The Star of David. It is the divine light that inspires one to do great things.
The astrological aspect of this image is Aquarius – the water bearer, the visionary. The Hebrew letter associated with The Star is Tasaddi (fishhook) – natural Intelligence, dweller between two worlds.

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