Saturday, October 28, 2017

Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition:: Tarot of the Holy Light, Volume Two (Volume 2)

Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition:: Tarot of the Holy Light, Volume Two (Volume 2) 

Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition is Volume Two of a pair of texts produced to support Tarot of the Holy Light Tarot. Volume One is entitled Tarot of the Holy Light; A Continental Esoteric Tarot. This volume traces the historical framing that supports all the operative arts of Western Esotericism. The charisma imparted by these intellectual currents, dating from antiquity to the Enlightenment, has powered Tarot’s popularity within both esoteric and secular circles. Chapter 1 addresses the essential quality that underpins all the esoteric traditions. This is called clairvoyance, referring to the unique magical imagination with which historical magi of every age are endowed. Chapter 2 demonstrates the mathematical matrix of ancient Astrology, which comprises the root source for all of the operative vocabulary employed in the Western Mysteries. Chapter 3 recounts how the modern alphabet was invented by ancient astronomers to carry numeric and astrological data within the individual letters. This provides the philosophical foundation of both the Hermetic philosophy and the Kabbalah, twin monuments of the decimal mysticism studied by the Greeks and Hebrews. Chapter 4 traces the growth of Kabbalistic thought among the magical Christians of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Chapter 5 demonstrates the Tarot cards as a visual catalogue of interlocking traditions. Alchemical implications of the Doctrine of Essential Dignities are developed on the Pips. Chapter 6 focuses on Jacob Boehme’s masterful insight into the Planetary Properties, revealing their esoteric and theological fundamentals. Astrology’s alchemical interrelations are projected upon the Kabbalah Tree to explicate the astral body of the practitioner. Chapter 7 examines the alchemical worldview, lifestyle, and self-cultivation approach associated with Boehme’s “Yoga of the Restitution”, with illustrations created by Boehme’s students. Chapter 8 summarizes the magnificent synthesis that Boehme revealed, which was gratefully taken up by the Rosicrucian and Masonic movements that followed, though experts are still struggling to fully comprehend its significance to this day. This volume will be of interest to people from multiple backgrounds since it touches on the common threads that interweave to form our Western magical tradition. True to its name, Foundations of the Esoteric Tradition illuminates the insider vocabulary and technical praxis that have puzzled, frustrated, and yet intrigued so many for so long. Historians of Western esoteric currents will find answers to many long-standing questions in these pages, written by a lifetime practitioner of the astro-alpha-numeric synthesis.

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