Tuesday, May 17, 2011

72 Names Cards

The 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan is a self published deck that uses the Kabbalistic "72 Names

 of God" and the channeled artwork of Orna Ben-Shoshan.  

Upon opening the box and touching the cards, I felt a sort of hush fall around me-I know this might sound a little strange but, there's an energy to these cards that makes me feel like something very spiritual is in my hands. The box itself reminded me of a treasure chest.
I've read the introduction in the companion book and I understand that these cards are for self use and designed for only using one card.  You may use an additional card for more clarity.  
Each card carries a "sacred letter combination"  and the deck works as a "mega generator".  
I have absolutely no knowledge of the Kabbalah and the symbols on the cards look very mysterious to me. The card number is printed on the bottom left hand corner so, don't worry if you are not familiar with these symbols.
   I've shuffled the deck and concentrated on my question.    I've been wondering if I should have a radio show where people can tell their stories and promote their products. (Since I have so many interests, this seems to be a place I could cover many subjects.)
I drew card 41
When you look up your card in the booklet, you will see that you get a three part answer.  
Perspective, Direction, Bottom Line
I have to tell you, I was deeply affected by what I read in the description.  I'm not sure exactly how to articulate how eery it was to read something so accurate! 

Perspective:  You have worked very hard to accomplish a significant achievement, but are disappointed by the criticism or actions of another person, whose opinion is very important to you.  Your over-dependancy on approval makes you feel inferior and mistreated.

Direction:  Deep inside, you know how to make things happen.  If you listen to your inner voice, you will find all of the reinforcement you will ever need.  Your hard labor will open new avenues for self expression and boost your self esteem-there is no need for any external endorsement.

Bottom Line:  Take charge and carry out your plans.  What you want to achieve wants to be yours.

I'm totally blown away by these cards!  I can't tell you how deeply the descriptions have reached into my soul and touched on things that I won't even admit to myself!    
These cards feel like a  "heart to heart" that you have with yourself, leaving nothing hidden. .  For me, this was a very spiritual moment and I know I will come back to these cards when I need guidance.
I think we are all on a spiritual journey and the 72 Names Cards are a fantastic way to get a clear answer to whatever it is you have on your mind.  The booklet will show you step by step how to use the deck and it's written in a way that feels like you're talking with a trusted friend.  I love that!  
The images are whimsical and very nice to look at with soft colors and a scrollwork as the border.  There is nothing to distract your eye.  

Before receiving the deck, I tried the Kabbalistic Guidance System.  I asked what I could expect for the coming week.  I got card 44 which talks about someone going to court.  Sure enough, the very next day I received a summons in the mail!  The hair on my arms stood straight up!    These cards not only give you guidance, the meanings are direct and focused.  There is no guesswork involved and anyone can use these to transform themselves spiritually.  
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  2. if only I could afford all 72 -----

    I have the 36 cards ------

    will limp along ------

    I am 79 ------

    path open ------

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